Whole Home Water Filtration: An Expert Guide

Whole water filtration cleans your water

Have you ever considered all the things that can contaminate our drinking water? Whether it’s bacteria or fungi or some other biofilm, contaminants can be very hazardous to human health. For that reason, more and more people are having whole home water filtration systems installed. This way, they can drink and bathe with the water in their homes with peace of mind that all the bad stuff has already been erased. If you’re on the fence or just curious about what all it entails, take a look below at our full expert guide to whole home water filtration systems and how they can help you and your family from day one.

The Basics of Whole Home Water Filtration

In all honesty, a whole home water filtration system is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a filtration system that cleans all the water in your pipes before you ever come into contact with it. Whether it’s drinking water or bathing water or anything else, a whole home water filtration system scrubs it all.

More specifically, whole home water filtration systems can serve a number of purposes:

  • Reduce your water’s “hardness”
  • Eliminate sediment remnants
  • Remove chlorine smell
  • Clean out biofilm
  • And many other uses

Regardless of which reason (or two or three) that’s most applicable to you and your home, it’s also helpful to understand exactly how they work to achieve the desired result.

Here’s the basics: A whole home water filtration system treats all your home’s water right at the main water line as it reaches your house. This way, it can make sure that all the water flowing from each faucet, bath, shower, washing machine, and anything else, is filtered and pure.

Pipe burst from frozen pipe

Whole house water filters are what’s called a POE, or “point of entry” filter. They’re the gatekeeper for all of your tap water, and as a result, they only let fresh, clean, filtered water to flow through all of your pipes, faucets, and appliances. Pretty neat, huh?

How Much Do Whole Home Water Filtration Systems Cost?

For whole house water filters, you essentially need to know what the primary purpose of the filtration is going to be. That will help you narrow down the type of system to have installed and more or less determine the overall cost of the device and the installation. Let’s take a look at the main types of residential water filtration systems, so you can see the differences between them and determine which one works best for your needs.

Reverse Osmosis Water with RevitaLife

RevitaLife is an upgraded version of reverse osmosis. The EasyWater 5-stage system gives you unmatched protection against water contaminants and even restores essential minerals to your water, which provides you with a more natural pH level that’s easier on your body and tastes great, too. RevitaLife is also an environmentally friendly option, since it utilizes a water-driven permeate pump without the need for electricity. Plus, you get to say goodbye to buying all those pallets of unnecessary water bottles! It’s a win all around.

Frozen pipes can cause unseen damage until it's too late

Find out more about in home water filtration and pricing

Bacteria Shield

Did you know that up to a third of all private wells actually test positive for E-coli or total coliform bacteria? It’s true. Even public city drinking water can get contaminated at some point on its way through the piping system. There are microscopic pathogens that can actually make it through common disinfectants used in private wells or by water treatment plants. With the Easy Water Bacteria Shield, you get a targeted range of ultraviolet (UV) light that inactivates harmful pathogens, before they have a chance to enter your drinking water.

Toxin Shield Cartridge

Toxin Shield Cartridge provides high quality whole home water filtration without any need for electrical outlets, drains, or floor space. This 3-stage process offers protection against contaminants such as pesticides, industrial chemicals, VOCs, and even disinfection byproducts. It also cleans out bad tastes and ugly odors, as well as the chlorine that can cause dry, itchy skin.

Acid Shield

Acidic water can cause copper pipes to corrode in your home, leaching metals into your drinking water and leaving an ugly blue-green stain in its wake. 

This can lead to small leaks in your pipes that can ultimately cause expensive plumbing repairs and structural water damage to your drywall and floors. With EasyWater Acid Shield, you can clean out the acidity, make your water safe for your home, and actually save money in the process.

No-Salt Conditioner

Hard Water can result in hidden damage to your home. It can reduce the life of appliances, raise your energy bill, clog pipes, and reduce the water pressure in your shower heads or faucets. Thankfully, the EasyWater No-Salt Conditioner solves these problems, and more. It reduces hard water build-up in your home, giving it a softer, more natural feel, and helping your water-using appliances to perform better, all without extra salt or chemicals.

Iron Shield Max

Worried about high levels of iron or bacteria in your water? Does your shower water smell like rotten eggs? The environmentally friendly Iron Shield Max by EasyWater can help. Without salt or chemicals, this system uses hydrogen peroxide to completely remove contaminants and their awful odors, as well as harmful shower water.

Whole Home Water Filters Clean It All

If you’re concerned about your home water, then you should consider a whole home water filtration system. These have a major benefit over localized options like refrigerator pitchers or faucet attachments: They clean every ounce of water coming in, so every single faucet is ready to go from day one. Curious how it works and how it might help your family? Give us a call or email today to talk to a local home water filtration specialist and get a free quote, no strings attached.


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