Kay Plumbing Konrad Orzechowski master plumber

Konrad Orzechowski

President & CEO, Master Plumber


Konrad Orzechowski:
Master Plumber and Community Leader

Konrad Orzechowski, founder of Kay Plumbing, is a certified master plumber renowned for his expertise, innovative practices, and community involvement. His company is celebrated for its commitment to excellence, customer service, and continuous professional development in the plumbing industry.


Konrad’s career in plumbing began in his youth, learning from his father, a seasoned professional. His path to becoming a certified master plumber combined hands-on experience with formal training. After college, he further honed his skills with local plumbing companies, establishing his own successful business in 2008, showcasing his deep understanding of the trade.

Konrad is a Certified Master Plumber and Mechanical Contractor, highlighting his extensive plumbing knowledge and skills. He’s also a Certified Liberty Pumps Installer, Toto Factory-trained Installation Technician, Certified Bradford White Water Heater Installer, and Certified Backflow Prevention Installer. These certifications demonstrate his commitment to remaining current in plumbing technology and techniques.

His professional development is ongoing, as evidenced by his completed training at Noritz University. Beyond technical expertise, Konrad’s leadership is recognized through his election to the Board of Directors for the Greater Lexington Chamber, where he is currently serving a second term. His business is also honored as a Ministry Leading Business by the South Carolina Christian Chamber of Commerce, reflecting his professional achievements, ethical practices, and positive community impact.

Konrad and his team prioritize continuous training and innovation. They undergo yearly specialized training at Bradford White and other facilities, attend local and international Home Builder Shows, and utilize an online training university for comprehensive staff development. This dedication ensures they stay at the industry’s forefront.

Community Outreach

Konrad Orzechowski’s commitment to his community is as robust as his professional expertise. He is actively involved with several local organizations, including the Lexington Rotary Club and the Lexington Chamber of Commerce, showcasing his dedication to community service and development. Furthermore, Konrad extends his support to educational initiatives by partnering with Apprenticeship Carolina and the South Carolina Technical College System, demonstrating his commitment to fostering new talent in his field.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Konrad is known for his generous contributions to local events and charities. He regularly sponsors key community events such as the Carolina Classic Home and Garden Show, Lexpo, and the Irmo Okra Strut festival. His philanthropic efforts extend beyond event sponsorships; he annually donates to Chris Myers’ Children’s Place & Family Home and Transitions Homeless Shelter. These contributions exemplify his deep connection with the community and highlight his dedication to making a positive impact beyond his business endeavors.

Konrad Orzechowski represents a blend of professional expertise, authoritative standing in his field, and a trustworthy figure in the community. His dedication to quality, continuous improvement, and community involvement make him a respected and reliable figure in the plumbing industry.


  • Winner of “Best Plumber” by Lexington Life Magazine (2019)
  • “Large Business of the Year” by Irmo Chamber of Commerce (2019)
  • “Pulse of the City” Award (2016) 
  • “Talk of the Town” Award (2012)