Outdoor Residential Plumbing in Columbia & Surrounding Areas

Fast call-outs, upfront pricing, and professional repairs for residential and commercial customers across the Midlands.

If you need outdoor plumbing services done, whether it be for an emergency or for the dream patio you finally get to build, you need someone who will provide quality work. Kay can provide quality plumbing services the same day you call.

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Issues with Outdoor Plumbing Need Quick Resolutions

Inside plumbing problems sometimes have the option of a DIY fix, but once the issue is with an outside water pipe, you pretty much always have to call the professionals.

Kay Plumbing will arrive the same day you call us to diagnose your issue, and we’ll have the tools with us to repair it once we arrive. We will explain the issue, what we’re going to do about it, and we can answer any questions you may have.

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Drain & Sewer Line Repair & Unclogging

Persistent clogs, a spiking water bill or an unexplained water pressure drop mean you could be facing a pipe leak, tree root infiltration, or another cause. These can require city permits, the replacement of portions of your piping and more. It’s best to call a plumber ASAP.

Outdoor Plumbing Fixtures for Any Need

Installing a wet bar or basin sink for your patio renovation? Need an outdoor shower installed near the pool? Keep things simple and have an expert plumber handle the hard work of connecting water lines and installing sturdy plumbing for you.

Well Plumbing Installation & Maintenance Services

Kay Plumbing provides extensive well inspection and maintenance services, as well as installation services if your well is past its life expectancy or you’re looking to add one to your property. We’ve been working in South Carolina since 2008. We know our local geography, and we’ll use that knowledge to help you make informed decisions about and correctly maintain your system.

Why Work with Kay Plumbing

You don’t need the stress of a plumbing problem! You want professional plumbers who know what they’re doing, who can explain anything you don’t understand clearly, and who won’t rush to make costly replacements for what could’ve been simple fixes.

We arrive when we say we’re going to arrive. We communicate clearly with you about what we’re doing and why. When we give you a quote, we’re upfront about the pricing – there are no hidden fees. And we get the job done right the first time, so you don’t need to call us back.

Plumbing repairs can get messy fast! We won’t leave anything for you to clean up. No matter what mess is left behind from our repair services, we’ll take care of it.

We’ll personally visit your property to speak with you about water filters, new piping or any other plumbing installations you are interested in. We will discuss your budget, what your concerns might be and find a solution for you.


It doesn’t have to break the bank to repair or upgrade your plumbing system. We provide solutions for minor repairs to new installations and everything in between.

We’ve been voted Best Plumber by the Lexington Life Magazine. Across hundreds of reviews, from Facebook, Google, and Angie’s List, we have an average rating of 4.75/5 stars. At our core, we believe in providing excellent service to our customers so their home stays in tip-top shape.

Kay Plumbing has been serving South Carolina since 2008, and we understand how local geography in the state impacts our customers’ plumbing and water services.

Kay Plumbing responds to calls the same day we receive them. If you realize you have an issue at an odd hour or non-business day, don’t worry! We have 24/7 emergency services, so you never need to wonder how long you’ll be waiting to have a serious issue repaired.

You want an expert who knows what they’re doing, who’s reliable, and who has a proven track record. Our founder is a second-generation plumber who understands quality plumbing services. We take pride in our high customer satisfaction rates.

You can reach our team day or night for any plumbing emergency. Whether you’ve got a burst pipe, gas leak, or blocked sewer line, we’re on call 24/7 to protect your home from disaster.

We bring our trucks loaded with anything we can typically expect to need for a repair or installation. In the case we need a spare part, our Lexington warehouse is stocked with almost everything we might need, so the only delay is the drive from the warehouse back to your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I have my septic tank cleaned?

At the very least, every three to five years. The exact frequency depends largely on the size of your tank. If you can’t find current documentation about the size or type of tank on your property, you may have to have a professional look at it for you to tell you. An easy way to guess is based on the number of rooms in your home. In South Carolina, there must be at least 250 gallons of septic tank capacity per bedroom. The smaller your septic tank, the more often you should think about cleaning it.

Does it matter what type of septic tank I have?

There are multiple types of septic tank, but the best one for your property depends on how large it is and how much usage it’ll receive, plus any personal preferences you might have. Our plumbers can help you understand the differences between tanks and help you make an informed decision if you want or need to purchase a new one.

How do I keep my pipes from freezing in winter?

There are many prevention options depending on how your plumbing is laid out. Drain water supply lines to things like your pool and sprinklers, and avoid using antifreeze unless your manufacturer’s guidelines say you should. Close indoor valves to your hose bib, too, but leave it turned on outside so as much water can drain out as possible, and so whatever remains in the pipe has space to expand. In your house, don’t adjust your thermostat between day and night, leave cabinets underneath sinks open, and if it’s going to be especially cold, turn faucets on enough to drip so water continues moving through the pipe.

How do I know if an underground pipe is leaking?

If your water bill jumps sky high after one or over a few billing periods, but your water usage hasn’t changed and there are no plumbing issues you can find inside your home, then there’s probably something happening outdoors. You might also notice changes in your water pressure, areas in your yard that are sinking, unusually wet, or which have unusually high plant growth. At the end of the day, though, to confirm and locate the leak, you’ll need a professional.


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