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Broken plumbing is stressful. Kay Plumbing has served the Midlands for nearly 15 years, and we have hundreds of reviews from customers who were in your shoes that verify our lasting repairs and excellent service.

Residential Plumbing Services from Your Kitchen to Your Septic System

Has your water heater broken, making everything from cooking and chores to showering a nightmare? Does your house smell gross no matter how much you’ve cleaned? Whatever your plumbing needs are, we know how to solve them.

clogged drain

Drains & Clogs

Clogged drains are an unnecessary stress, and professional plumbers can usually resolve them with ease. Whether it’s a specialized drain snake or powerful hydro jet, or the diagnosis of an issue like tree root infestation, Kay provides nothing less than high-quality services.

Sink plumbing

Kitchen Plumbing

Is your garbage disposal making obnoxious noises when it runs or smelling strange? Does your faucet keep dripping, no matter what you do? A problem in the kitchen affects the function of the entire house before you know it. You need it fixed quickly and reliably.

Remodeling a bathroom? Call Kay Plumbing

Bathroom Plumbing

Has your toilet been running, or is there a blockage that’s preventing it from flushing – or, worse, that has made it overflow? Do faucets and shower heads keep leaking or dripping long after you finish using them? A functional bathroom is necessary for daily living – Kay can fix the problem you’ve called us for the same day we arrive.

Well service

Outdoor and Well Plumbing Services

Sometimes, the issues you’re noticing with your septic system aren’t only in your septic system. It could be an issue with your sewer line or even your water line. Or, maybe you’re not even on municipal water systems because you have a private well system. Either way, just because your outdoor plumbing is out-of-sight, out-of-mind, doesn’t mean it can’t cause major headaches.

Since both water sources are surface water, the treatment techniques are the same for all Columbia water utility consumers.

Water Treatment Systems

Are you scrubbing stains out of your tub daily, or do dishes and clothes come out of appliances cloudy or stained instead of clean? You might have hard water, and a water softener will solve those problems. Do you avoid your drinking water at all costs because it tastes bad or you’re worried about what contaminants might be in it? You might need a water filtration system.

Why Work with Kay Plumbing

You’ve got a situation on your hands you don’t have the expertise or tools to handle. That’s stressful in itself. You need experienced plumbers who can explain what they’re doing and why, who don’t rush to make costly replacements for what could’ve been simple fixes, and who are prepared for any plumbing issue they come across.


Fast Call Outs

The last thing you want when you have a plumbing emergency is to wait days for help or for the repair to only be done half-right. Our 24/7 emergency services mean it doesn’t matter what time or date you realize you have an emergency. At Kay Plumbing, we respond to calls the same day we get them, and we bring everything we need to repair the most common issues we see in our vans.


Stress-Free Plumbing Repairs

Once our plumbers are at your door, you don’t have to worry about the issue anymore. We bring our vans loaded with anything we can typically expect to need for a repair. In the case we need a spare part, our Lexington warehouse is stocked with everything we might need, so the only delay on our repair is the drive from the warehouse back to your home. Plus, we never hide costs – the pricing quote we give you for our work is the number you’ll see on the receipt.


We Handle Any Plumbing Problem

From reaching and unclogging a blockage too deep in the pipes for you to reach to installing a new tankless water heater, we have you covered. Our team is experienced and prepared to handle whatever comes our way.


Nearly 15 Years of Experience

You want an expert who knows what they’re doing, who’s reliable, and who has a proven track record. Kay Plumbing has been serving the Midlands since 2008, and we take pride in our high customer satisfaction rates. We can make claims, but the proof is in what our clients say. We’ve been voted Best Plumber by the Lexington Life Magazine, and across hundreds of reviews on Facebook, Google, and Angie’s List, we have an average rating of 4.6/5 stars. You don’t have to take our word for it when so many people who were in your position have shared their experiences with our service.


We Leave Your Home Mess Free

Plumbing repairs can get messy fast, even when you least expect it. You’ve already dealt with the exhausting hassle of a broken appliance or leaky faucet. Don’t worry about cleaning up after your repair is finished – we’ll handle all of the mess for you and leave the space as tidy as – or tidier than – we found it.


Same-Day Services All Year Long

Problems with your plumbing system can strike at any time of the day and any time of the year. They can throw everything askew, like the holiday you wanted to host with your family or your regular day-to-day life. We serve our customers the same day they call, and we have 24/7 emergency services in case they discover the issue at an odd hour of the day or on a non-business day. We never want you to go without a critical home function.


Reliable Service & Solutions

Whether you unexpectedly need drain cleaning or sewer cleaning services, or your hot water has gone out and you need an immediate water heater repair, you’re covered. We bring the things we need, we listen to you when you explain the problem you’re experiencing, and we’re up front about what we’re going to do to resolve the problem. We get the job done right the first time, so you don’t need to call us back for the same issue once we’ve left.

What Are Our Customers Saying About Us?

The people we’ve served before are the ones who are the most qualified to speak on our quality of service.

Residential Plumbing FAQs

How do I know I need to call a plumber?

Many homeowners can handle basic plumbing repairs, but plumbing can get complicated fast, and it’s best to know when you can’t handle a project by yourself anymore. Some signs to call out a professional plumber sooner than later are:

  • The smell of sewage in your home or on your property
  • A sweating water heater
  • Clogs that keep coming back, no matter how many times you fix them
  • An shocking increase in your water bill
  • Low water pressure
  • Running or dripping appliances, like your toilet or your kitchen sink faucet

Not all of these issues have complicated fixes, but many of them mean you need someone with the equipment for leak detection and repair, or even potentially that you need someone who can give you advice catered to your needs and household about plumbing appliance replacement.

How do I know if I need to replace a fixture?

Many plumbing fixtures can last years or decades. As with everything, this will depend on how much usage they receive, the type of water going through the system, what materials it’s made of, and more factors. If your fixture is constantly in need of repair or is worn out with age, it’s time to replace it. Generally, if a fixture is cracked, you’ll want to get it replaced, too.

What types of plumbing problems can I fix myself?

A lot of plumbing repairs can be done yourself. You might be able to fix low water pressure in a faucet by cleaning the aerator, for example. A running toilet might not have a complicated fix, and many drains can be unclogged with a little elbow grease. Garbage disposals can sometimes be fixed just by resetting the power. It’s important to know the limits of your plumbing skills and when it’s best to call out a professional at the risk of making an issue worse by trying to do it yourself.

Contactless plumbing services

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