How to Fix High Water Pressure?

Everyone loves strong water pressure in their showers and sinks. However, there can be too much of a good thing. High water pressure is a common problem. If left unchecked, high water pressure can lead to severe issues like burst pipes and floods in your home. But don’t worry. Fixing high water pressure issues in your home is often straightforward. Here is what you need to know about high water pressure in your home.

Drawbacks of High Water Pressure

High water pressure can be one of the most accessible plumbing problems to fix yourself, but before you start working on it, make sure that you’re aware of what might happen if there is too much pressure in your pipes. High pressures can cause:

high water pressure

1. High water bills: Along with potential damage to your home, high water pressure can increase your monthly water bill. A higher water bill can be due to increased water usage and any leaks due to the high water pressure.

2. Leaking Pipes: Added water pressure can add wear and tear to the pipes throughout your home. Over time, pipes may develop pinhole leaks, which can cause water damage under sinks and in walls.

3. Broken Seals Around Pipes: Like with leaking pipes, the added water pressure can eventually break through the seals around pipes throughout your home. This can result in costly water damage and repairs.

4. Damaged Appliances: Not only can high water pressure affect pipes, but it can also damage your appliances, including washers and dishwashers. High water pressure can increase wear and tear on your household appliances, along with the pipes and hoses that connect them to your water supply. High water pressure can also make your appliances extra loud while running.

5. Water Hammer: Water hammer refers to the loud knocking noise you might hear after shutting off the water at the kitchen sink or flushing a toilet. This noisy thud noise can result from the water pressure being too high. While the sound is not causing any damage, it may be disruptive to your household and a symptom of a more significant issue.

How Do I Know If I Have High Water Pressure?

If you suspect that your water pressure is higher than usual, the first thing to do is check using a gauge. Gauges can be purchased at most local hardware stores and connected to your outside hose bib. If this number is above 80 PSI, it means there is an issue.

How To Fix High Water Pressure?

Fixing the problem may be as easy as adjusting your water regulator down to a safe PSI. However, if that does not resolve the issue or your home does not have a regulator, a quick visit from a plumber may be in order.

A plumber from Kay Plumbing can determine if the problem lies with your home’s plumbing or if a regulator needs to be installed. This device will regulate how much water flows through at any given time and limit it, so you don’t experience high-pressure issues again.

If you notice that your home’s water pressure has changed dramatically, give us a call—we’re happy to investigate any issues you’re having with your water heater or plumbing!


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