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Slow or clogged drains are a mess, but did you know they can cause much bigger problems? If you just can’t get that drain flowing again, call our local service plumbing team for help. We provide local plumbing repair service throughout the Midlands, taking care of everything from massive commercial repairs to toilets and faucets.

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Unclogging Drains in Your Home or Business

When your drains back up, the clock starts ticking. Increased pressure can cause hard-to-find leaks — or cause old plumbing to burst entirely.

If you can’t unclog the drain yourself, it’s not going away on its own. Get immediate assistance from our Midlands drain cleaning service team, seven days a week.

See our commercial plumbing services page and residential plumbing service page for more information.

Clogged Drain FAQ

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“My drains run very slowly. How can I get them unclogged?”

Clogging may not be the problem, if your plumbing isn’t vented correctly. But in either case, this is a more serious problem then you might think.

When water drains slowly, it puts more pressure on your pipes than they were designed to take. This can cause leaks wherever water settles against a joint.

Visit our blog to learn more about clearing your drains — and when you should probably contact a professional.

“The pipes in my building are pretty old. Is it safe to snake my own drain?”

If the clog is light and very close to the drain, it can be worth a shot to attempt to clear it with a small, hand-cranked plumbing snake. For deeper, stronger clogs, however, you risk creating much bigger problems. 

Powered plumbing snakes can burst through old pipes, if not controlled carefully, creating a flood inside your walls — and leaving the original clog intact, as often as not.

“What drain cleaners is it safe to pour down the drain?”

Chemical drain cleaners certainly have their place in the toolkit, but they can create serious headaches if used improperly. Staying upstream of a stubborn clog, for example, corrosive drain cleaners may begin to deteriorate the pipes, instead. This risks creating both a major leak and hazardous chemical situation inside your walls, or under the floor.

If there’s any doubt your plumbing can handle extended exposure to drain cleaning solvents, don’t try and handle this one yourself.

Check out our blog for more of Konrad’s Plumbing Advice.

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