Plumbing Issues

5 Common Plumbing Issues and how to fix them

5 Common Plumbing Issues and How To Fix Them Plumbing issues are often the most stressful. We can’t just ignore them, and in many cases, we can’t just fix them quickly and easily on their own.   But if you have a basic understanding of common issues (like plumbing backups, clogged sewers, a clogged drain line, or leaking pipes) then you can more […]

How to Become a Plumber

How to Become a Plumber Plumbing is often referred to as “recession-proof”. That’s because plumbing, unlike other trades, supports essential sanitation and health-related aspects of modern society that never go away.  This isn’t to say that plumbers always have work, or that plumbers don’t get laid off. But it does mean that plumbing is a […]

Family Disaster Plan

Family Disaster Plan  This week we Kay Plumbing will be sharing how to prepare your family and protect your home. The following is from the International Code Council, for week three of National Building Safety Month.