Keep your head above water!

What is a Sump Pump?

A sump pump is a pump that is located in a basement or a crawl space of your house. It is dug underground and it will catch any groundwater that could seep in through cracks in your basement or crawlspace walls. Then it will transport it through piping to the outdoors. When water seeps through, and there is no sump pump, the basement of your house will flood, ruining anything that you have down there, including furniture, keepsakes, water heaters, dryers, washing machines, beds and furnaces.

Not having a sump pump can be a costly mistake if you are a homeowner with a basement or a crawl space. What are the advantages of adding a sump pump to your home? Peace of mind is huge when you are thinking about all the potential damage and devastation that could happen from not having a sump pump. The potential costs of a flooded basement FAR outweigh the cost of a sump pump.

Who can Install a Sump Pump and What is the Maintenance on One?

Almost all plumbers can work on and install sump pumps, however you must be sure that they are not putting just the cheapest pump available to lower the overall cost for installation. You really do not want the cheapest pump put in because they have a tendency to fail due to the fact that dirt or debris can get into the suction valve and stop the water suction. We almost always install  Liberty sump pumps, which are high quality pumps that have a very minimal failure rate. They come with a 3 year warranty, so if they were to fail in those three years, they would get fixed or replaced.  Liberty sump pumps installed by Kay Plumbing, offer you the peace of mind that you and your family deserve. Why wait? Set up your appointment today!

By: Konrad Orzechowski


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