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Well Water Systems in Lexington & Columbia

Having an independent source of clean water is important — and a serious responsibility. We make sure your well water is healthy, reliable, and on tap whenever you need it.

Installation & Service

We provide comprehensive well water systems support, from the pump to your pipes. 

  • Well pump installation.
  • Pressure tank and control systems.
  • Tie into existing plumbing, or install new lines.
  • Test your water for quality and safety.
  • Design and install water treatment systems for your specific water supply.

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Water Testing & Treatment

Even if a municipality gets its water from a well system, there are important differences between municipal and private well water systems.

  • If you drink municipal water, it has been monitored for quality and safety by your local utility.
  • Municipal water supplies are usually treated prior to distribution and consumption.

Since the EPA and each individual state regulate basic health standards for municipal water, most people never have to think about the quality and safety of their water supply. This isn’t true for private well water systems, however, and those responsibilities fall on whoever owns the well.

Basic Well Water Testing

Many county health departments offer water testing, or you may want to consider using an accredited private testing laboratory.

  • Microbiological testing should be performed annually to determine if any bacteria are present in the water supply.
  • To determine the impact of nearby agricultural operations or an on-site septic system, private well users should have their water analyzed each year for nitrates/nitrites.

Private well water can be influenced by other environmental factors, as well. Some of these factors are natural, while others are the result of human activity.

  • A hardness test can be performed to determine if the mineral content of your water is unusually high. Hard water can leave skin feeling dry, cause hard water deposits on shiny surfaces, and build up over time in appliances.
  • The pH level of your water should be checked to determine whether your water is acidic. Water with a low pH (less than 7.0) may leach copper and lead from your pipes, contaminating your drinking water.
    • Copper leaching will be indicated with a bluish-green stain; an analysis for lead will need to be performed to determine if lead leaching is a problem.
  • If the area is known to have high arsenic levels in the groundwater, a test for arsenic concentration should be performed at least annually.
  • If there is a gas station nearby (within a 1/4 mile), a BTEX and MTBE analysis should be conducted. This is a volatile organic analysis to detect the presence of gasoline and/or the gasoline additive MTBE. This analysis should also be repeated annually.
  • If you live in a region of the country where radon is known to be a problem, have your water analyzed for radon. (If radon is detected, homeowners may also want to have their indoor air analyzed for radon, too.)
  • If you have a private well and live in an area where pesticide use is common, such as near a golf course, orchard, or agricultural area, you may also want to consider having your water analyzed for pesticides.

Water Treatment and Monitoring

The best treatment system for your well water depends on the result of your water quality analysis. Some water quality problems are better handled through point-of-entry applications, such as unpleasant color, odor problems, or hardness. Other contaminants can be best handled through point-of-use devices.

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In addition, it is important to conduct follow-up well water testing to ensure the system is working properly. Follow-up testing should be conducted several times throughout the first year of operation of the treatment system and after any adjustment made to the system.

You should continue to monitor the quality of your well water at least annually, even if you choose not to use a home water treatment system.

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