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Looking for a new water heater for your home or business? Kay Plumbing offers most manufacturers, available same day or next day. 

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Here at Kay Plumbing, we love what we do. That is why we take the time each year to go visit our manufactures and get personal training on their water heaters and how they prefer installation be handled. Making sure that every water heater we install in someones home or business meets the top standards, ensuring you get the most our of your water heater and it’s warranty. 

We Offer The Best Water Heater Brands


From AO Smith to Whirlpool, here at Kay Plumbing we can sell and install any water heater you would like. Shop the top brands here or give us a call to help you find the best fit for your home or business. 

AO Smith

A. O. Smith’s selection of residential and commercial water heaters, boilers, and storage tanks is unmatched for quality and diversity. Anywhere hot water is needed, A. O. Smith can provide an energy-efficient solution with maximum value during and for years after installation. And, A. O. Smith stands behind its products and its customers with world-class service, combining cutting-edge technology with committed people who take pride in being the very best.

A. O. Smith produced its first residential water heater in 1939, establishing a tradition of innovation that continues to this day. In 1953, A. O. Smith shipped its first commercial water heater equipped with a “glass-lined” tank, which remains the industry standard for protecting steel from the corrosive effects of water.

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Bradford White


By building relationships with customers, having a strong dedication to service and satisfaction, providing high quality, and possessing a constant drive to innovate and expand, Bradford White earned a reputation for being a trustworthy source of water heating products. Today, Bradford White remains committed to the growth of its family of companies, to the addition of new products, and to offering greater value to all customers. 

State Water Heaters


State Water Heaters, a brand of State Industries, Inc., is a leading manufacturer of commercial and residential water heaters. State offers over 500 water heater products, and has consistently developed new technologies to ensure longer product life. 

Based in Ashland City, Tennessee, State has seven water heater manufacturing plants. Hundreds of distribution centers across the United States ensure efficient service to State’s national customer base of residential homeowners, wholesalers, contractors, and other members of the engineering community. All State products are backed by customer technical support and durable tank and parts warranty.

No Salt For Hard Water

GE GeoSpring


The GE GeoSpring Hybrid Electric Water Heater is one of America’s most efficient 50-gallon and 80-gallon water heaters – 70%* more efficient than a standard electric water heater. It delivers all the hot water you need and because it uses the same water and electric connections, installation is fast and easy.

While an Energy Star-qualified Heat Pump Water Heater costs more up front, Energystar.gov, accessed May 2016, states the savings will pay back the difference in 3.3 years for a household of 3 people and in only 2.0 years when 5 people live in the home.

Rheem Water Heaters


With a full line of Rheem® tank and tankless water heaters to choose from, there’s sure to be one that’s the right fit for your family. Whether you need high water delivery or low energy costs—or both, we have your next water heater. Be sure to browse our impressive line of sustainable, high efficiency tankless water heatersgas tank water heaters, and the most efficient water heater on earth – the Rheem hybrid electric water heater.

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