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Your water heater is one of the most important plumbing fixtures in your home. When you install a new one, make sure you’re investing in one that works the best for your needs. Kay Plumbing has almost 15 years of experience helping South Carolinians with that.

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Easy New Water Heater Installation by Columbia Experts

Does a long, hot shower by one family member mean you don’t get any hot water? When you run the kitchen faucet, does your water temperature cap out at “pretty warm” and never get close to “extremely hot,” making it hard for you to clean? Is your old water heater reaching the end of its lifespan? When your water tank is too small for your needs or in desperate need of replacement, you can’t put off investing in a new one.

Kay Plumbing will help you figure out what type of water heater you should invest in, and we’ll install it for you. The number we quote you for the new water heater and cost of labor for installation will match the number on your receipt.

Upgrade to a Water Heater That Fits Your Needs

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Tankless Water Heater Installation

A tankless water heater is popular because although it can cost more upfront than other new water heaters, it can lower your utility bills, last for as much as 20 years or more, and it has on-demand hot water. Depending on how much usage you might have at the same time, though, you may need to install more than one tankless water heater. If your area is prone to power outages, then you won’t have access to hot water, as well.

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Solar Water Heater Installation

Solar hot water is more expensive to install in your home, but it can last over 20 years if it’s well-maintained, and it saves significantly on your utility bills. Because it uses solar energy, it’s an environmentally friendly option for heating your water. Although South Carolina has sunny summers, we also have a rainy season. Solar hot water can collect energy while it’s cloudy, but it’s much less efficient. You may have to think about keeping an electric or gas back up, or having a storage tank.

Electric water heaters

Electric Water Heater Installation

Electric water heaters bring the combination of low initial costs with energy efficiency that’s hard to find in other water heaters. They’re easy to install, since you almost definitely are connected to electricity, and it’s one of the safest options to choose from. However, you may have higher utility bills, and it might take a little longer for the water to heat up.

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Tank Water Heater Installation

A tank water heater is probably the most common type of water heater. When it’s sized correctly for the amount of usage it’ll have, it’s also reliable, and it’s very good at running in multiple places at the same time. It can have higher utility bills than other options, and it has a relatively low life expectancy.

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Natural Gas Water Heater Installation

A gas water heater can be more expensive than other types up front, especially if you don’t already have a gas line in your home. Still, it usually has cheap utility bills, and it warms water up quickly. Many models can still operate in a power outage. Since they use gas, it will need more maintenance across its lifespan to make sure it stays in good condition.

Electric hot water heaters

Hybrid Water Heater Installation

Also called a heat pump water heater, this unit is a combination of energy efficiency and environmentally green. If you don’t have gas and you’re looking to switch from a tank water heater, a hybrid water heater is a good option. It has higher upfront costs than other units, but the savings on your utility bills will add up quickly. You can also get rebates and tax credits on a hybrid unit.

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Kay Plumbing has been serving South Carolina since 2008. We listen to our customers when they tell us what they need, and we tailor our advice to fit it. We know what water heaters are on the market and which will be the best option based on what you’ve told us. We don’t upsell, and we don’t hide fees. Don’t take our word for it: We have hundreds of reviews from customers who have been in your shoes and shared their experience with our company.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I factor in when I think about replacing my water heater?

There are many things to keep in mind when you start preparing to replace an old water heater, like budget and what power sources you have access to. Here are a few important things:

  • How much hot water would you need if everyone in your household was using it at once?
  • What type of fuel will be most economical in the long run? For example, assuming you have the same access to both, would natural gas or standard electric be better for you?
  • How long of a life expectancy would you like?
  • How much maintenance do you want to handle?
  • Do the pros of the system you’re considering outweigh the cons?
Can I install a water heater by myself?

A homeowner can install their new water heater by themself, but they should consider some of the following before committing to a DIY installation:

  • Do you have enough plumbing experience to install it correctly?
  • Is everything you need, like a gas line or gas venting, already set up?
  • Are you fully aware of local plumbing and building codes and how to meet them?
  • Is there a chance you’ll accidentally void your warranty by installing yourself?

We recommend having a water heater installed professionally to be entirely sure it is up to par.

How do I know if I need an expansion tank?

If you have a closed plumbing system, which is often the case for newer homes, then you’ll want an expansion tank. An expansion tank provides extra space when the water heats up, preventing excess pressure inside the main tank.

When you heat water, it expands. In your water heater tank, it cools and heats in a cycle, meaning the tank is expanding and returning to its normal size repeatedly. This wears the tank out and eventually breaks your water heater because of the ever-changing water pressure.

When is it time to get a new water heater?

As your water heater reaches the end of its lifespan, you can watch for signs that it’s time to replace it:

  • Loud noises from your water heater due to sediment buildup, especially if you have a tank
  • Higher utility bills than normal with no change in electric or water usage
  • Less hot water than normal or cold water
  • Discolored water or water that smells metallic

Having maintenance performed at least once a year can extend the life of your water heater.

What does it mean if my water heater is leaking?

A leaking water heater tank is an emergency. In a worst case scenario, this will lead to a tank explosion. Kay Plumbing has same-day and 24/7 emergency plumbing services.

You’ll be able to tell it’s leaking if there’s corrosion in your tank or moisture at the base of your tank. Causes include a broken relief valve, the water being too hot, and high water pressure.

Can I get a water heater repaired, or does it need to be replaced?

If your water heater can be repaired, we recommend that option. If the repair is just putting off more repairs, you’ll probably save money in the long run by getting a water heater replacement, even if it looks more expensive up front.

What’s the difference between a hybrid and tankless water heater?

These on-demand water heaters are similar in a lot of ways – they’re energy efficient, more costly upfront but less expensive on utility bills, and, as the word suggests, they both provide hot water fast. The differences are what will help you decide which you prefer. Here are just a few of them:

  • A hybrid water heater has a tank, so it can handle more usage at once. A tankless water heater is only infinite with a lot of simultaneous usage if you have multiple installed or you also have a storage tank for it.
  • If you only have access to electricity, a hybrid water heater will usually be more cost-effective. If you have access to electricity or gas, a tankless water heater operating on gas will typically be more cost-effective.
  • Another name for the hybrid water heater is “heat pump water heater.” Like the tankless unit, this is a literal name – the hybrid unit doesn’t produce its own heat, but rather uses existing heat around it. If you’re looking for the lowest carbon footprint, it’s the hybrid.
  • A tankless water heater takes up much less space than a hybrid water heater.

If you’re torn on which will suit your needs better, give us a call and we’ll give you advice.

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