It’s enjoyable to plan a renovation and pick out all your amazing new fixtures and appliances. But then comes the hard work of actually hooking up your plumbing. If you don’t have the right plumber on hand, a renovation can quickly turn from a dream to a nightmare. That’s why we suggest you give Kay Plumbing a call, because we can handle all your renovation needs.


When you do a remodel, it means shutting down your plumbing and blocking off water to important rooms like your bathroom or kitchen. So when you try to do this yourself, or hire a plumber without the skills to get the job done, then you spend time and money waiting to get what should only take a few days. Along with that you get messes, discomfort, and strangers in and out of your home.

We do the job right, fast, and without the mess or mess-ups that come with inexperienced plumbers.


Why We Are Better


Our professional plumbers come with decades of experience, including the installation of most models of plumbing fixtures on the market. We also have years of experience working in homes to renovate common bathroom and kitchen setups as well as unique or boutique installations.

More than that, we know how to handle things like permits, code adherence, and on-the-fly repair work necessary to make your renovation go off without a hitch.

We’ll also work with you and your designer to the best of our ability to make sure you get exactly what you want within the confines of local and national plumbing code and the health of your family.


Major Remodels

Remodeling plumbing for small bathroom and kitchen upgrades in your home or business is a project we can complete on our own. However, for a major remodel, there will be several trades (like carpenters and electricians) involved whose work will need to be coordinated. If the remodeling process is not coordinated properly, it can add weeks to the completion of a job. This is why we suggest hiring a general contractor for a major remodel. A general contractor is the professional builder who orchestrates the remodeling process from demolition to finish. At Kay Plumbing, we work with many general contractors and have a list to help you find the right one for your project.


Is it time to remodel your kitchen or bathroom?


If the time is right for a plumbing remodel in your kitchen or bathroom, Kay Plumbing is the right remodeling plumbing contractor for the job in your home or your business. We can make your dream kitchen or bathroom a reality with our experience in the installation of bathtubs, bidets, toilets, sinks, pedestals, steam rooms, showers, kitchen sinks, and faucets. This includes designer plumbing fixtures as well as plumbing fixtures from all over the world. Whether your remodeling plumbing plans call for a new bathroom or just a new faucet, we have the experience to do the job right! Also, if you need ideas, advice, or a building contractor, or if you just have questions about faucets and fixtures – feel free to contact us!

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Kay Plumbing Services has been locally owned and operated since 2008. We guarantee high quality, professional plumbing and gas services to the communities of Lexington, Columbia, Gilbert, Elgin, Blythewood, Irmo, Cayce and West Columbia South Carolina. Our plumbers are licensed and insured for new construction, established homes, multi-family residences and commercial businesses.