Water Pump from a well!

Pumps are used to help drain fixtures that are below the sewer line, or bring water up to your home. Sump pumps, booster pumps, and well water pumps all serve a purpose to keep your home outfitted with proper water and drainage regardless of the circumstances.  

Circulating Pumps help recirculate hot water in a water system. Ever turn on your shower or sink and have to wait for the cold water to turn hot? That’s because the water in the pipes gets cold when not in your water heater. With a circulating pump, you can cycle hot water through your water system continuously so that you always have hot water ready and available.

Booster Pumps increase the pressure of water where it would have low pressure, like tall buildings.

Well Water Pumps pull water from underground wells and bring the water into your home.

Sump Pumps collect storm water or drainage from a high-water table and pump them out and away from your basement or foundation.


Kay Plumbing can handle pump installation for drainage and water supplies for your home or business.

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