DIY faucet repairs look easy, especially when we watch the professionals on TV. And, depending on your setup and faucet installation, it can be a straight-forward job. At Kay Plumbing, we provide the professional service you need to handle the rest of those difficult faucet repair and replacement jobs. We’ll let you know when repairing a faucet is the way to go, or when it’s just better to replace the whole thing.  

Best yet, we don’t contract with faucet manufacturers, so we provide the best hardware for you and your needs.


Did you know that when you repair a faucet, you should check to see which kind of faucet you have out of 4 major styles? That you could have a problem with corroded valve seats, o-rings, old gaskets, or the compression seating? 

If not, then it’s probably best you don’t try to repair your faucet on your own. It’s no big deal, really: we’re the professionals, and we are here to help. 

The truth of the matter is that a bad repair job can make a faucet worse off than none at all. That’s why you should call Kay Plumbing for an estimate on your faucet. We are experts at faucet repair and maintenance, shower valve repair and maintenance, and bath valves. We’ll provide an estimate on the costs and labor of the job and give you the low-down on whether it’s better to just chuck the old thing and start again with new hardware. 



Faucet Installation


Repair isn’t always possible, and in many ways can end up costing more money than it is worth. We will let you know when it’s time to give up on a faucet and install a new one.  

Luckily, there are many different kinds of faucets available, both fancy and practical. We can perform new installations on any kind of faucet that fits your sink, including brands like 

We also directly supply Wolverine Brass faucets. 

Getting a new faucet isn’t just about fixing a leak. Getting a new faucet can transform your bathroom or kitchen. So, don’t wait until you spring a leak… consider Kay Plumbing for any new installations or renovations you might be considering. Are professionals are trained to provide quick, reliable, and expert installations.

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