Dishwasher Installation

Dishwasher Plumbing

Installing a new dishwasher could be as easy as sliding in a unit and calling it a day. More likely, you’re going to want professional help to hook up water and electrical connections and fit the unit to your existing cabinet. 

Consider this about dishwasher installation: 

  • They require drain and hot water hookups, 
  • They may require an additional electrical hookup if no plug and outlet are provided,  
  • They may not fit your existing cabinets or countertops, and 
  • They may require permits based on your building codes.

Before You Buy a Dishwasher


To help out customers, we maintain a digital record of inspection dates and services performed. This helps us, and you, to ensure that your water supply follows South Carolina and local Columbia regulations and building codes. 

We also leave record of test and survey results on the device to prove testing has taken place. Authorities can check the device for verification, and we mail our results to the appropriate regulatory agency, so your records are up-to-date and on file. 

Installing a dishwasher take a plumber

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