Water Treatment Solutions to Soften and Filter Your Water

You may have noticed that your water is causing stains on your appliances or belongings. You may have heard about local water being contaminated a time or two. Your water may just taste weird. With water treatment services, these problems can be solved.

Series-C Closed Loop Treatment System

The Columbia Area is Located on Top of Mineral Deposits

Your water might taste a little odd, but for the most part, it’s not an issue. Except that you’re cleaning your tub on a nearly daily basis to prevent staining. And the dishes come out of the dishwasher with cloudiness you can’t get off. And your clothes are getting worn out much faster than they should be. Even getting your hands and hair to feel clean feels like an uphill battle. On top of it all, your appliances aren’t lasting as many years as they should, and your water and electric bills are higher than other people you know who use the same amount as you.

You have hard water. Our team at Kay Plumbing is up front about our costs, and we never hide fees. We come fully ready for the job when we arrive, and we can answer any questions you may have about your options for water treatment systems.

Better Tasting Water That Benefits Your Whole Home

Whole water filtration cleans your water

Save time on daily chores with a whole home water softener

The mineral content of your water affects the way it tastes, and higher calcium and magnesium levels usually make for worse-tasting water. Plus, it can dry out your hair and skin or worsen existing skin conditions, make it hard to keep your shower and sink clean, and even affect your water pressure if the minerals build up enough in your plumbing. Hard water isn’t inherently bad for you, but it can have negative effects on your household and home.

No salt for hard water

End the extra wear and tear on your belongings

Calcium from hard water can build up in your appliances and pipes, shortening their life expectancy and requiring frequent repairs. It can stain dishes, clothes, sinks, and tubs.

Water filtration system

Filter your drinking water and improve its taste

Your home’s drinking water might be fine for showering or brushing your teeth. It might not be so fine for drinking, though. You don’t have to treat your entire home’s water system for pleasant-tasting water – you could try a water filtration kit that can be installed under your sink specifically to improve your drinking water. If you’ve never liked how the water at home tastes, then a filtration system could save you money on bottled water.

Improve your water quality & safety with a whole home water filter

The hardness of your water (or lack of it) doesn’t have a significant impact on your health, but that doesn’t mean the water system it’s connected to is always safe. Despite the best efforts of our water supply providers, the system may still become contaminated with bacteria, chemicals, or other dangers. A water filtration system in your home prevents possible exposure to these things before you even get the news about the contaminated water.

Why Work with Kay Plumbing

You already don’t need the stress of a plumbing problem. You want professional plumbers who know what they’re doing, who can explain anything you don’t understand clearly, and who won’t rush to make costly replacements for what could’ve been simple fixes.


Reliable solutions and installations

A water softening or filtration system is an investment. You don’t want to worry about your plumbing service misguiding you into purchasing the wrong system for your household’s treatment needs or to install it incorrectly and cause additional issues. Our plumbers at Kay know how to listen to our customers’ concerns and answer questions or give advice based on those concerns. We take pride in getting things done right the first time.


Stress-free consultation and installation

Whether you want water softening, filtration, or both, everything from the age of your plumbing to the ground your home is built on affects what type of system you’ll need. We’ll personally visit your property to speak with you and learn about these details and more, like what your budget is or what your specific concerns with your water are. Water treatment services are already an expensive investment. The number we quote you for our services is going to match the one on your receipt.


Locally owned and operated

Water treatment services are heavily dependent on the geography of the area you live in. The hardness of your water or potential for chemical contamination is not the same in Greenville as it is in Columbia or Myrtle Beach. Your plumber needs to understand the water services you receive to give reliable help. Kay Plumbing has been serving South Carolina since 2008, and we understand how local geography in the state impacts our customers’ plumbing and water services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is water treatment important?

Water treatment includes filtration and softening. Water filtration systems protect your household from dangers that could be in your drinking water, like bacteria or chemicals, and they can also improve the quality of taste. Water softening systems reduce calcium and magnesium levels in your water so that it’s less abrasive to your plumbing, appliances, and other belongings, and may also improve the quality of taste.

What is the difference between water filtration and water purification?

Both types of water treatment service remove unwanted elements from water. Water filtration usually removes large particles, like bacteria, and it can improve the taste and color, as well as quality, of your water. Water purification can remove smaller particles, like chemicals or viruses. It usually uses a process called reverse osmosis, which is basically when water is pushed through a membrane that keeps unwanted particles out. Kay Plumbing offers both services, and we can help you figure out which is best for your household.

What is the difference between hard water and soft water? How do I know which one I have?

The primary difference between hard and soft water is what minerals you’ll find in them. In hard water, you’ll find higher levels of calcium and magnesium, and in soft water, you’ll find more sodium, or salt. You can tell if you have hard water because you might feel a film on your hands after you wash them, or notice your dishes are cloudy when you take them out of the dishwasher. This is because the calcium leaves a residue on clothes, dishes, and other things that use the water. You won’t notice these problems if you have soft water.

Is hard water safe?

Generally, yes. It may even be contributing to your calcium and magnesium intake. If someone in your household has a skin condition like eczema or you’re having issues with dry hair or skin, hard water can contribute to or exacerbate these issues.

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