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Gas leaks can be detrimental to the health and safety of your family, and your property. You can count on Kay Plumbing to detect leaks, service your gas appliances, or repair your gas line in a hurry.

“What to do if you suspect gas leaks in your residential or commercial property”

Detecting a rotten egg smell anywhere in your property puts you at high risk of a gas explosion or the silent killer, carbon monoxide poisoning. To protect yourself, your family, or your staff and customers, follow these instructions immediately to keep everyone safe and avoid further damage to your home or business:
  • Get everyone out of the property
  • Call the utility company or 911 to report the leak
  • If it’s safe to do so, turn off the gas at the meter
  • Don’t smoke or use a naked flame
  • Don’t switch anything electrical on or off
  • Open doors and windows to let the gas out

It’s vital that you don’t attempt to locate the gas leak yourself. Once you’ve rang the utility company or 911, give us a call and we’ll come straight over to inspect your leaking gas line and perform any repairs necessary. No matter if it’s a tiny leak in your pipes or a faulty gas appliance, you can count on us to get the problem solved right away.


Natural gas line repair service across South Carolina

When it comes to gas leaks, time is of the essence for repairs no matter how big or small the problem may seem. That’s why we offer a 24/7 emergency plumbing service for situations just like these. Working on gas lines and appliances since our inception means we have a team of expert technicians who are highly trained, skilled, and experienced in all types of gas plumbing repairs.

As winners of the Best Plumbing award in Lexington Life, you can rest assured your home, business, and family are in good hands. Whether you smell gas in your home or notice cracks in the gas piping of your commercial property, call Kay Plumbing. We’ll have your gas line repaired in no time, at a price that suits your budget.

"These guys were extremely thorough, provided education on several items as they performed a routine inspection. Did superior root cause analysis to determine what needed to be corrected. I was also pleased that they came prepared with all supplies and tools needed to do all adjustments and repairs in 1 trip."

- Wayne Pierce

"Kay Plumbing literally saved our Thanksgiving. We had countertops installed before the holiday and the plumbing company we used could not install our sink hardware in time, we called every plumbing company within 10 miles and Kay was the only one that could come out. the day before Thanksgiving! They were professional, accommodating and genuinely friendly and caring to our needs."

- Derek Clement

"Conrad's team is amazing. They were unbelievably fast and efficient. They fixed both of my fireplaces today and gave me valuable advice on maintaining my units. I will definitely be giving them a call in the future for any other issues or routine maintenance."

- CJ Disharoon

"The gentlemen were very professional, not pushy, they explained what they were going to do and the options we have. Not only did they originally come only to replace a broken tubing from the dishwasher, they rearranged the pipes under the sink, then we hired them to replace the 4 toilets we had. They came on time, and very professionally completed the job. Our in law also had taken a business card from them for a future reference as they are having a home built."

- Gerald Baker

"Kay Plumbing and Bryan are our Go To plumbers for any plumbing need. They installed our Tankless Water heater and our néw shower fixtures when we converted our tub to a shower. They regularly clean our water heater and Always provide excellent, competent and professional service. Bryan is friendly and very helpful. It’s nice to have a plumber on call that you can depend on and trust to do a good, honest job."

- George Folsom

"I explained to the Kay Plumbing guys what I needed done and they gave me a detailed estimate of what they would do and how much it would cost. The prices were fair and they did a great job taking care of a small gas leak and descaling the tankless water heater. Most important of all they were honest enough to say that I did not need to replace some pipes that were rusted which saved me a lot of money. It is a pleasure to work with people who treat you with respect and are so professional."

- Emilio G

Serving our community across the Midlands

Whether you run a business in West Columbia or live in Greenville, SC, you can trust our team to find the source of your gas leak and repair the seals, pipes, or lines to the highest of standards. Stay safe with Kay Plumbing.

Business and home gas line repair

Commercial drain repairs
While gas is one of the most efficient ways to heat your property, it can cause the most amount of damage if something goes wrong. At Kay Plumbing, our fully licensed, bonded, and insured team keep safety as our top priority when performing gas line repairs to protect you, your occupants, and your property.

Give us a call the second you notice any of the following issues:

  • Corrosion on gas appliance seals or pipes
  • Disconnected pipes
  • Carbon monoxide alarm sounds
  • Whistling noise from your gas lines
  • Higher than usual gas bills
  • Rotten egg odor

We also offer gas line maintenance packages to keep your appliances and piping in perfect working condition. So, you’ll never have to worry about unexpected gas leaks seeping through your property. Whether you need us for gas leak detection or gas line installations, we’ve got you covered.

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