Drains Clogging Up Your Time?

Use your home plumbing without worrying about whether it will hold up to daily household use. Kay Plumbing has been expertly serving the Cayce-Columbia area for over a decade.

Residential Plumbing Services for the South Carolina Midlands

At first, you were only waiting an extra second or two. Then, only a few extra seconds. Now, liquid is draining so slowly you don’t waste your time waiting on it. You start some other small chore or task. You want a plumbing service you can trust to fix the problem reliably so you don’t spend portions of your day just waiting to use a basic household faucet. Our expert plumbers can assess the issue with your drain the same day you give us a call. If the issue is intensifying unexpectedly, don’t worry about the time or what day of the week it is – our emergency services are available 24/7.

Drain Cleaning Services for Every Part of Your Home

Tree root removal

Tree Root Infestation Removal and Repair

In a worst-case scenario, your drainage issues could be caused by a tree root infestation of your plumbing system. It might be caught at an early stage that can be corrected with a powerful tool like a hydro jet – or you might be looking at the replacement of large portions of your pipes. A reliable plumbing service that will be straightforward and keep hidden fees out of your receipt is a necessity if you find out you have a tree root infestation.

Richland, Lexington and Columbia areas serviced for all plumbing issues

Specialized Snake Drains and Plungers for Unclogging Drains

The snake drains and plungers you find in stores may be advanced, but they may not be as long or have the properties that a plumber’s snake drains and plungers are more likely to have. From specialized snake drains – also called augers – for every size of pipe to plungers that are created to have especially strong seals for unclogging tough blockages in your toilet, we can get your drain working again in no time.

A Plumber from Kay preforming a maintenance inspection on a home

Plumbing Inspection to Diagnose Issues

If your clog is deep in your plumbing system or you suspect it’s a symptom of a larger issue, then you may want to have your pipes inspected. With fiber optic cameras, we can look into pipes we wouldn’t otherwise have access to and accurately identify the issue you’re facing, whether it’s the exact location of a blockage or a crack in a pipe. This will allow us to quickly tailor your repair needs and fix the issue more quickly.

Broken garbage disposal

Garbage Disposal Maintenance and Repair

If your garbage disposal has been making strange sounds, smelly, not working properly or at all, or otherwise acting strangely, it could be time to call a plumber. We can unjam or replace disposals with dull or stuck blades, motor issues, and more.

Hydro jetting services

Hydro-jetting Technology for Stubborn Clogs

You’ve tried cleaning solutions. You’ve tried augers. You’ve tried plungers. If nothing is working, you may need to call in “the big gun”: a hydro-jet. This tool is, essentially, a power washer for your drain. It sends high-pressure water through your pipe to break up and clear the blockage in it. A hydro-jet’s flexibility and length means it can reach deep into your drain and take care of the hardest-to-reach blockages, too.

Commercial drain repairs

Sewer Line Inspection and Repair

Have you been having backups, slow drains, stinky smells from plumbing or around your home, skyrocketing water bills without cause, or inconsistent water levels in your toilet? All of these could be signs of an issue with your sewer line, and they require immediate professional attention.

Why Work with Kay Plumbing


Receive Quality Plumbing Repairs from Experienced Professionals

We take pride in getting our repairs done correctly the first time, every time. We’ve been serving the Midlands since 2008, and that pride shines through in our reputation: In 2019, we were voted Best Plumber by the Lexington Life Magazine, and we have an average rating of 4.6/5 stars across the hundreds of reviews on Facebook, Google, and Angie’s List. At our core, we believe in providing excellent service to our customers so their home stays in tip-top shape.


We Come Prepared to Fix Any Problem We Find

We’ve been serving Columbia and the Midlands for nearly 15 years – we know how to plan for the worst case scenario. Our vans are stocked so we can fix many problems the same day we arrive. Our Lexington warehouse is equipped to handle any challenge we come across, so you’re not waiting days for us to come back with a spare part. If the repair is significant, like tree root infiltration in your plumbing system, we don’t waste time starting the repair process so it moves as efficiently as it can.


Never Worry About a Mess After We Leave

Whether you’ve called our 24/7 emergency services or this was a regular appointment, we won’t leave anything for you to clean up. No matter what mess is left behind from our repair services, we’ll take care of it.


Affordable Prices

It doesn’t have to break the bank to repair or upgrade your plumbing system. We provide solutions for minor repairs to new installations and everything in between.


Emergency Call Outs

You can reach our team day or night for any plumbing emergency. Whether you’ve got a burst pipe, gas leak, or blocked sewer line, we’re on call 24/7 to protect your home from disaster.


Frequently Asked Questions

When is it time to call a professional?

Issues that look small on the surface could be indicators of larger problems. Don’t hesitate to call a professional plumber if you have stinky smells coming from the drain or gurgling as liquid passes through it, are having to repeatedly unclog the same drain, have had water backing up through a pipe or draining slowly, or have leaking or broken pipes.

Why is my sink or tub draining slowly?

Most likely, you have a blockage in your drain. Blockages are usually caused by something going down the drain that shouldn’t, like hair in a shower, grease in a kitchen sink, or anything beyond human waste and toilet paper in a toilet.

How do I unclog a drain myself?

This largely depends on the type of clog you have. You might use a plunger, a drain snake, a hot water and salt or dish soap mixture, or other solutions.

Can I clean drain pipes myself? How often should I clean them?

Yes, and it’s recommended that you clean your drains about once a month with a hot water and salt or baking soda mixture. Prevention is the best way to avoid drain clogs and backups.

Can I use chemical drain cleaners to unclog my drain?

We – and just about any plumbing company you might speak with – advise strongly against using chemical drain cleaners if you can help it. The chemicals are erosive to your pipes, potentially harmful to humans, pets, and the local environment, and often do not provide an effective solution.

How can I prevent a clogged drain?

No matter how careful you are, the eventual clogged drain is inevitable. The best way to avoid drain problems is to never put anything down that’s not supposed to go into it. For example, hair in your shower or grease in your kitchen sink.

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