Toilet Repair, Replacement and Installations

Kay Plumbing can help you with your toilet repair or replacement. We can help you with any size project, from fixing a leaky toilet to helping with a whole bathroom remodel. If you are choosing a new toilet, we have all of the information you need including recommendations on the best performing brands that you can purchase. If you don't know what you are looking for, we can help you find the right toilet, sink and shower for your bathroom. When you find the bowl that you like, our qualified technicians will pick it up and install it for you! Plumbing solutions by Kay Plumbing Kohler Toilet

Toilet Repair

Toilet service is something that everyone tends to put off until it is an emergency. However, there is nothing that ruins a weekend like an out-of-service or leaking toilet. It’s best to call when your bowl first shows signs of leaking. Don't believe the do-it-yourself shows when they say that you can complete a repair on your own in less than an hour. Even if your only toilet repair job is just to replace the wax seal at the base of the bowl, it's better to call the Columbia Metro Area plumbing professionals at Kay Plumbing. If you have ever tried to lift a unit and put it back on the bolts, you know what we are talking about. We can repair almost any toilet as long as the porcelain is in good shape. Save some time and money and call us today!

Toilet Installation

Installation can sometimes be more cost efficient than repair, especially when you figure the added savings of a 1.6 gallon per flush new toilet.The professional plumbers at Kay Plumbing can remove the old bowl and install the new one for you. Worried about what kind of toilet you should purchase? We can help with that as well! Toto brand toilets are the one's we prefer at Kay plumbing. They offer wonderful design with Low Flow technology.  

TOTO Toilets

TOTO toilets have been around for over 90 years; and with its main manufacturing plant in Morrow, Georgia, this American based company is the largest plumbing products manufacturer in the world. Besides toilets, TOTO designs and manufactures sinks, shower units, bathtubs, shower and flush valves, decorative plumbing fixtures and fittings, faucets, accessories, and urinals for both residential and commercial properties. If you are considering remodeling plumbing, TOTO is a company that can supply all of the bathroom products that you need to create a modern, stylish, and comfortable bathroom. At Kay Plumbing, we have been providing Toto toilet service in the area for many years and provide estimates for any kind of toilet service or toilet installation that you may have in mind.

TOTO and Kay Plumbing

TOTO toilets should be installed by a professional, licensed plumber to be able to fully appreciate the full scope of just how incredible these bathroom products are. At Kay Plumbing, we've been providing installation services for many years. We also offer sink installation, faucet installation, and drain installation. If you have an older bowl, we also provide toilet repair. If you need more information, give us a call! We'd be happy to talk to you about TOTO or any other major brand you might be interested in purchasing.

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