Expert Drain Cleaning Services

Effective and Environmentally Friendly

Whether you need a drain cleaning or a complete replacement, Kay Plumbing has you covered. We've been treating house calls for emergency drain cleaning and repair in the Columbia area for 20 years, so no matter what your problem is, we can take care of it.

Stoppages often occur in drain traps under the fixture, or in sharp bends in the plumbing system at or near the fixture. Many plumbers can snake a drain and hope for the best, but the qualified professionals at Kay Plumbing

Clean Your Drains and Leave Your Fixtures and Property Clean

Backed-up drains can leave a mess in any fixture or living space they are in. We not only clean up your mess, but we provide protection and cleaning services throughout or work that keeps your home or business as clean, if not cleaner, than if we got there.  

We also work fast. No one wants a backed-up drain or a plumber sticking around for 4 hours in a day. We get in, assess the situation, fix the problem, and get out so you can get on with your life.  

Drain Cabling 

We at Kay Plumbing have the right equipment for any drain cleaning job, from basic shower De-cloggers to snakes that can clear a 10" sewer main. A "snake" is another name for a cable drain cleaner, and helps plumbers clean out gathered and hard-to-remove gunk from drains by rotating a cable with special attachments to break up clogs and scour piping.

Drain cables shouldn't just be for emergencies. Most professionals, including those here at Kay, suggest that you cable your main drain every two years to avoid problems.

DIY Drain Cleaning

Warning: Don't try to snake your own drain. Plungers, coat hangers, and home-strength cables are some of the tools that DIY sites will state can help you clean a stubborn clog and save money. Most will even suggest liquid cleaners or clog removers as viable options. 

For weak or temporary clogs, some of these will work. But you may want to think twice before you pour corrosive chemicals in your fixtures, or poke around in your drains with metal wires.  

Whether it is a clogged sink, shower, toilet, or floor drain, your best bet for a job well done is to call a professional. We at Kay Plumbing offer quick, reliable, and affordable drain cleaning services that stay clean long after we are gone. 

Commercial Drain Cleaning

We aren't just for the home customers, either. Commercial operations that have bathroom clogs or more heavy-duty drain cleaning needs can call Kay Plumbing to get their plumbing fixed. We can handle up to 10: drainage pipe cleaning… more than you are going to be able to do with DIY drain cleaning tools. And, we can handle the heavy usage and special conditions (grease, napkins, roots, tissue paper) that come with commercial properties. When it comes to heavy-duty drain cleaning, Kay Plumbing can take care of it.

Ask Our Service Plumbers at Kay Plumbing for BIO-CLEAN!