Copper Piping

Copper water pipes are top of the line for indoor plumbing systems. Plumbers use copper piping for indoor water supply because it is quiet, resists corrosion, and guaranteed by the manufacturer for up to 50 years. Once we install your new copper water lines, you'll probably never have to worry about your pipes again! 

Copper piping also adds value to your home over plastic or galvanized steel water pipes.  

Copper Piping Water Supply
Copper Pipes can be replaced by Kay Plumbing


Crawl Spaces

We'll also get under your home and into crawlspaces to install new or additional copper piping. If you're looking for repair, replacement, or maintenance work on your existing pipes, we can get under their and fix the problem easily. That includes repairing residential and commercial gas lines, water lines, and sewage pipes in South Carolina. 

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