Copper Piping

Commercial plumbers always recommend copper piping for potable water. If you are thinking about updating your building's pipes and drains, give us a call for an estimate on copper piping. Copper piping is the most durable pipe and is generally guaranteed from the manufacturer for fifty years. Combined with our work guarantee, when you install copper piping from Kay Plumbing, you will probably never have to worry about your pipes again! Copper piping won't corrode and will add value to your building if you decide to sell it. Contact us for an estimate on copper piping today!

Copper Piping Water Supply
Copper Pipes can be replaced by Kay Plumbing


Crawl Space Plumbing

Plumbing that involves spending time in the crawl space requires an experienced commercial plumber who isn't afraid to get under your building and fix the problem! If your home or business has a crawl space, you may notice changes in your building as it occasionally settles while it ages. If you think something has gone wrong with the plumbing or gas lines because of settling or other issues, contact us for an estimate. Our commercial plumbers have been working in crawl spaces around the Columbia Area for many years. 

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