Backflow Prevention and Kay Plumbing

South Carolina regulations require annual water testing to ensure that drinking water is not contaminated by toxins from fertilizers, pesticides, and other household chemicals.

Kay Plumbing provides dedicated Backflow Prevention that simplifies the testing and certification process. We perform the proper tests, surveys, and maintenance to provide backflow security so your water stays clean and safe.

Kay Plumbing is recognized by the cities of Columbia and Lexington, and throughout Richland County, as a qualified backflow testing company. Our experts are trained on all models of backflow prevention assemblies for a variety of water distribution systems.

Keeping Up with Backflow Prevention

To help out customers, we maintain a digital record of inspection dates and services performed. This helps us, and you, to ensure that your water supply follows South Carolina and local Columbia regulations and building codes. 

We also leave record of test and survey results on the device to prove testing has taken place. Authorities can check the device for verification, and we mail our results to the appropriate regulatory agency, so your records are up-to-date and on file. 

backflow diagram By City Of Washougal

Dedicated Team:

We currently service customers in Columbia Metro. We are capable of providing this service to you with less cost, in both time and money, than our competition offering the same services.

  • Offering professional and courteous service.
  • Top grade test equipment calibrated yearly.
  • A local inventory of repair parts
  • Full insurance coverage.
  • Fully licensed plumbers that stay current on all backflow regulations and specifications.

Doing it Better:

To do this we utilize our customized computer system to track inspection dates for you while maintaining a history of all services performed. This helps ensure you are in compliance with local water and building departments, City of Columbia, as well as the State of South Carolina.

Device Test Results:

After completing our tests, we leave a copy of the results on the device to prove the testing has taken place for all authorities. After completion of the test we mail the results to the appropriate authority to make sure your record is kept on file.

Backflow prevention with Kay Plumbing