Prevent Freezing Pipes

Frozen Pipes

Prevent your Pipes from Freezing


If you live where it gets cold or have a vacation home up in Asheville then these steps will help you keep your pipes from freezing this winter.


  • Locate your water main in the event you need to shut it off in an emergency.
  • Drain all garden hoses.
  • Insulate exposed plumbing pipes.
  • Drain air conditioner pipes and, if your AC has a water shut-off valve, turn it off.
  • If you go on vacation, leave the heat on, set to at least 55 degrees.
  • On especially cold nights, with below 0 temperatures or high winds, you may wish to allow one tap to drip a little, just to keep waterways open.
  • Open cupboard doors under sinks and faucets to allow the warm house air to warm the pipes as well. It is especially important to keep doors open at night when the temperature drops.