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Konrad & Justyna Orzechowski

Justyna & Konrad

Justyna Orzechowski is the Vice President of Kay Plumbing. She’s been in that position since 2008 when the company got started and has always placed an extremely high value on helping others with her knowledge and expertise. While Justyna may be a native of Poland, she’s truly a Southern girl at heart. In the car, she’s usually listening to podcasts. At home, she’s cooking and singing with her husband (the company’s President) and their three children. And in her spare time, she’s studying functional nutrition, and hanging the TP over.

Konrad Orzechowski is the Founder and President of Kay Plumbing. As a master plumber, Konrad knows how to get the job done as well as manage a team of experts in the field. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife (the company’s VP) and their three children, listening to audiobooks and even a little Polish radio when he can find the right frequency. Thankfully, he and Justyna both prefer to hang the toilet paper over. Crisis averted…

Mateusz “Matt” Orzechowski

Matt - Kay Plumbing

Meet Matt, Konrad’s younger brother. He is a service plumber and has been with Kay Plumbing working with his brother for the last 8 years. He has been happily married for 10 years, together he and his wife raise a beautiful baby girl. In his free time you can find him playing with his two 2 dogs or caring for his family’s 15 chickens.

Brian Rawles


Brian has been with Kay Plumbing for over five years, and he dedicates himself and his crew to the highest standards. As our Quality Control Manager, Brian makes sure that all jobs are handled smoothly and to the best of our ability. When he’s not busy making sure we offer best-in-class plumbing services, he hangs out with his dog and four birds. He’s not bird-brained though; he likes his showers hot!

Teresa Smith

Teresa Smith

Teresa is Oz, the Great and Powerful T-Rex that runs the office. She acts as the gatekeeper, the knowledgeable expert, and the organizer. Even though she has only been with Kay for 13 months, she keeps things running smoothly the way only an exceptional general manager can. When she’s not at work Teresa prefers to spend her time with friends, but she also likes to get in those naps!

Nichole Rawles

Nichole Rawles

Nichole is more than just our Office Manager, she’s a backbone of Kay Plumbing. Even though she’s only been with us 9 months this time around, Nichole has been a long-standing member of our team, with a combined seven years in the customer service industry. She loves to spend time with her BoxWeiler Rigby, and take cold showers after getting sweaty in the yard. On a cold day spent indoors a hot shower is just the ticket.

Savannah Miles

Savannah Miles is our chaos coordinator, or as our customers call her, Lead Dispatcher Extraordinaire. Even though she’s only been with us just over 6 months so far, Savannah has six years in the industry. When she’s not working Savannah loves to travel, fish, and spend time with loved ones. At the end of the day she curls up with pet rescues Yogi (dog) and Bonnie (kitten). Showers are burning hot, because after all, directing an army of plumbers is exhausting!

David Blanchette

David Blanchette is now our Warehouse Manager, because he has amazing talent and skill to add to the Kay Plumbing team. David started his plumbing career with Kay 9 months ago, and he is eager to learn all he can about this business to provide the best service possible. When not working at Kay he’s working at home, and unlike most of us, David likes his showers cold.

Reed Finch

Reed Finch is an apprentice plumber at Kay Plumbing (AKA, Brian’s mini-me). When he’s not mastering the plumbing trade, Reed loves cooking, being outside, doing yard work, and spending time with his wife and kiddos. Reed also has a regal pup at the house: Sir Winston the Finch, the most royal dachshund around. As far as showers are concerned, Reed plays it by season — warm in the winter, cool in the summer!

Michael Elliot

Michael Elliot is a plumber extraordinaire at Kay Plumbing, with over 5 years of experience in the field. He loves raising his kids and traveling as much as humanly possible. Michael is also a big animal lover, with 3 dogs, 20 lizards, and 1 fiancée (so far!). When it comes to showers, he cranks the hot knob up as high as it’ll go. There’s no other way to do it.

Amber Rawles

Amber Rawles is the office expert. If there’s a job no one else wants to do, Amber’s the one who gets it done! With the Rawles, Kay Plumbing has become a second home, as both Amber and her parents are all part of the team. Amber is also an animal lover, with 4 birds and a dog to her name. When she’s not working with her parents at Kay, Amber loves driving around and partying in her car to Linkin Park.

Taylor Miles

Taylor Miles is a dispatching and sales expert. She joined Kay Plumbing recently after several years in the world of sales. When Taylor’s not hard at work dispatching the team or helping new and existing clients with their service solutions, she enjoys crafting with her kids and spending time with her loving family. Last, but certainly not least, she’s a fan of super (like, really super) hot showers.

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