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Konrad & Justyna Orzechowski

Justyna & Konrad



Konrad is the owner and operator of Kay Plumbing. Born in Bilgoraj Poland, Konrad grew up in plumbing helping his father run his own plumbing company. In the early 2000’s he moved to New York City and received even more training to meet American plumbing standards and regulations. Konrad moved to Columbia South Carolina in 2004 and started Kay Plumbing in 2008.

When he is not working as a master plumber or running the business you can find him with his family. Justyna, his fabulous wife, and their three children are the apple of his eye and he enjoys traveling, camping or relaxing with them whenever he can.  Right now, Konrad’s personal goal is to buy himself a Harley Davidson Motorcycle to enjoy driving around the lake.

Mateusz “Matt” Orzechowski

Matt - Kay Plumbing

Meet Matt, Konrad’s younger brother. He is a service plumber and has been with Kay Plumbing working with his brother for the last 8 years. He has been happily married for 10 years, together he and his wife raise a beautiful baby girl. In his free time you can find him playing with his two 2 dogs or caring for his family’s 15 chickens.

Brian Rawles


Brian Rawles started with Kay Plumbing in 2017 as a hard-working service plumbing. He was proudly promoted to the Quality Service Manager the beginning of 2020 due to his dedication to his work. With over 16 years of experience in the service industry, he states gives he the ability to think on his feet. Happily married with 4 wonderful kids, Brian enjoys spending time with his family in his home, Chapin, South Carolina. He is of the opinion that dogs’ rule and has 1 puppy of his own.

Barrette Grant


Kay Plumbing is proud of Barrette Grant after working hard as an apprentice, he passed the final test to become Service Plumber.  Congratulations!  Barrette loves being outdoors with his friends and family, including his twin brother. He is particularly found fishing on Lake Murray. Barrette is the proud parent of two dogs a German Shepard and Blue Pitbull.

Joshua Johns

 joshua johns kay plumbing

Joshua Johns is a service plumber here at Kay Plumbing, working towards being a Master Plumber. He was born and raised in California, only calling South Carolina home for a few years. An avid fan of disc golf and relaxing with his family watching movies, people who know Josh would tell you he has a big heart.

Rusty Anderson


Rusty Anderson is Kay Plumbing’s newest Service Plumber, but don’t let that fool you, he has 15 years in plumbing. From Beaufort, South Carolina when Rusty is not installing water heaters, he is probably enjoying time hanging out with his family. A self described movie buff, make sure to pick his brain for good flicks if he is scheduled for a visit to your home or business.

Briton Wilson

Briton Wilson is our newest service plumber from Georgia. Self described as “Gold Star Approved” he is confident you will be happy with his customer service as he fixes your clogged drains or leaky toilets. A proud father of one, he spends his weekends as most, hunting and fishing around our great state. 

Austin Driggers

Austin Driggers

Austin Driggers is an energetic plumbing apprentice at Kay Plumbing Services. He’s got loads of  customer service experience (7 years) across various industries. This hardworking outdoor lover spends his free time boating, free-diving and traveling to new destinations. But to be honest, a good days labor on his family farm gives him just as much joy as his hobbies, regardless of the weather. He hails from Colombia, South Carolina.

Teresa Smith

Teresa Smith

Teresa Smith is a creative and dedicated office manager at Kay Plumbing Services. For 20 years she has been working in one customer service job or another. When she isn’t at work, she is having fun with her husband, 2 daughters, dogs, and cats. Christmas with the family is something she looks forward to every year. Writing, reading, and crafting are some of her hobbies. She hails from Springfield, Illinois.

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