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Konrad & Justyna Orzechowski

Justyna & Konrad

Justyna Orzechowski is the Vice President of Kay Plumbing. She’s been in that position since 2008 when the company got started and has always placed an extremely high value on helping others with her knowledge and expertise. While Justyna may be a native of Poland, she’s truly a Southern girl at heart. In the car, she’s usually listening to podcasts. At home, she’s cooking and singing with her husband (the company’s President) and their three children. And in her spare time, she’s studying functional nutrition, and hanging the TP over.

Konrad Orzechowski is the Founder and President of Kay Plumbing. As a master plumber, Konrad knows how to get the job done as well as manage a team of experts in the field. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife (the company’s VP) and their three children, listening to audiobooks and even a little Polish radio when he can find the right frequency. Thankfully, he and Justyna both prefer to hang the toilet paper over. Crisis averted…

Mateusz “Matt” Orzechowski

Matt - Kay Plumbing

Meet Matt, Konrad’s younger brother. He is a service plumber and has been with Kay Plumbing working with his brother for the last 8 years. He has been happily married for 10 years, together he and his wife raise a beautiful baby girl. In his free time you can find him playing with his two 2 dogs or caring for his family’s 15 chickens.

Brian Rawles


Brian Rawles wears a crown over here at Kay Plumbing: he’s the King of Thinking He Knows Everything. And let’s be honest — when it comes to plumbing, he pretty much does. As a married man with 4 kids, 4 birds, and a dog, he values family time and loves helping people fix their problems. If he’s fixing your shower, you might hear a tune or two. That’s just his way. And he doesn’t care which way the toilet paper goes. He’s got deeper pipes to plumb…

Joshua Johns

 joshua johns kay plumbing

Joshua Johns is a plumbing technician with journeyman experience that gets a kick out of installing new gas lines. He also loves traveling the world, having been to seven different countries and nearly all 50 states (only 8 more to go!). On the road, he’s both a singer and a talker, so his partner is bound to enjoy the ride, even in that slow, bumper-to-bumper traffic. For TP, Joshua knows what to do…just put it on the counter, then you don’t have to worry about which way it hangs in the first place.

Briton Wilson

Briton Wilson

Briton Wilson knows his way around pipes. Working since he was 16, he’s a service plumber that’s always studying to learn more and become better. With a sense of humor and a love of country music, Briton loves to make people laugh and knows how to let it rip when the right song comes on. You’ll also find him hard at work spreading the gospel of the Under TP roll. Cuz he’s a rebel.

Teresa Smith

Teresa Smith

Teresa Smith manages the office here at Kay Plumbing, where she finds a way to learn something new and try something different each and every day. An Illinois transplant, Teresa values spending time with her kids, reading and writing, and listening to everything from Oldies to 90’s hits. Since she’s also a cat mom, she makes a point to hang the toilet paper under — less temptation for those feline paws.

Mario Ortiz

Mario Ortiz

Mario Ortiz is a bright young apprentice here at Kay. When he’s hitting the books to learn and grow, Mario enjoys playing soccer, listening to the radio, singing in the car (if it’s the right song), and he firmly believes that blue is the best color in the whole world. As far as the age-old toilet paper question goes, he’s flexible. Over or under is fine with him.

Nichole Rawles

Nichole Rawles

Nichole Rawles creates great experiences in customer service everyday. She answers the phone with a smile (and maybe even a song if you catch her at the right time!). Married to one of Kay’s plumbers, Nichole knows the value of having someone around that knows how to fix a leaky faucet or a backed-up toilet. And around their house, the toilet paper hangs under. That’s how it goes when you’re the only one that knows how to replace it!

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