Professional Natural Gas Line Installation, Repair, & Maintenance Across the Midlands

Natural gas is popular for good reason, like its economical price or ability to heat up and cool off quickly. Still, due to its high flammability, it’s important to have an experienced plumber handle it. At Kay Plumbing, we’re proud of our ability to do high-quality work correctly the first time.

Gas Plumbing Installation, Inspection, and Repair Services

Has your water heater broken, making everything from cooking and chores to showering a nightmare? Does your house smell gross no matter how much you’ve cleaned? Whatever your plumbing needs are, we know how to solve them.

Gas line installation

New Gas Line Installation

Natural gas pipes can have unexpected complications when you go to install them, like the nearest gas main turning out not to be very close to your home. You’ve done the research and decided you want the long-term benefits that come with gas, so make sure you’re choosing a plumbing company you can rely on. Kay Plumbing will outline what it entails to install your gas line and hook up appliances. Our quote will match the number on your receipt.

Natural gas line repairs

Gas Line Inspection & Maintenance Services

You should have your gas system inspected at least once a year to confirm there are no necessary repairs and that no leaks could form or have formed. Depending on whether you’re a business owner or landlord, there may be legal regulations you need to follow for how often you have your line inspected. Prevention is the best way to avoid unexpected repairs. If you want or need regular inspection and maintenance on your gas line, Kay Plumbing is qualified to provide it.

Gas Appliances

Gas Appliance Installation & Connection Repairs

A new gas line means installing appliances that can connect to it. We’ll make sure your appliances are correctly installed, so you aren’t worried about needing to call someone out after us or the potential for a gas leak. If you’ve noticed one of your gas-fueled fixtures is having problems, it’s most likely an issue with its connection to the gas main. For something like your hot water heater or stove, you may be interested in same-day or emergency repair services.

Gas line repair

Gas Line Repair & Leak Detection Services

If you’re concerned about a gas leak, Kay Plumbing will inspect your plumbing system the same day you call. If we see signs that a gas leak could form, that one already exists, or that you need some other type of repair, we’ll let you know. In general, we can fix it before we leave so you rest easy.

Why Work with Kay Plumbing

You’ve got a situation on your hands you don’t have the expertise or tools to handle. That’s stressful in itself. You need experienced plumbers who can explain what they’re doing and why, who don’t rush to make costly replacements for what could’ve been simple fixes, and who are prepared for any plumbing issue they come across.


Nearly 15 Years of Experience

Kay Plumbing has been serving South Carolina since 2008. Whether it’s routine inspection or a late night emergency, you need gas line plumbers with proof of their experience and excellent quality of service. We can – and we will – make claims about how we treat our customers and the pride we take in our work, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Hundreds of people have left their experiences with us online, and they’re better qualified than we are to tell you what your experience is going to be as our customer.


Same-Day and 24/7 Emergency Service

Your gas line is running crucial household appliances, and natural gas itself can be dangerous if it’s not properly ventilated or there’s a leak in one of your pipes. If an appliance stops working or you’re worried about a gas leak, you need immediate help. Kay Plumbing provides same-day and 24/7 emergency services. We arrive at the time we agreed on, and we get to work diagnosing and fixing the problem as soon as we arrive.


We Handle Any Plumbing Problem

From reaching and unclogging a blockage too deep in the pipes for you to reach to installing a new tankless water heater, we have you covered. Our team is experienced and prepared to handle whatever comes our way.


Reliable Service & Solutions

You need to feel safe in your own home, and when you run into an issue with natural gas, that feeling might be compromised. We arrive prepared because we have what we can expect to need to fix your problem in our vans. Even if we’re missing a part, we have plenty of spares readily available in our Lexington warehouse, so you won’t be waiting days for a functional home while we wait for an order to come in.

We clean up our mess before we leave, and we communicate clearly about what’s happening with your plumbing and what we’re doing about it. If you have questions or concerns, we’ll respond to them. If you need to inform us something you know about the issue or your property that can impact our work, we’re going to listen.

What Are Our Customers Saying?

Frequently Asked Questions

What are signs of a gas leak?

We associate gas leaks with the smell of sulfur or rotten eggs, but we can’t count on its presence in the case we do have a gas leak – especially if the leak is in a pipe outside of our home. Here are other signs you might look for:

  • You or members of your household, including pets, are experiencing physical symptoms only when you are in your home like dizziness, mood changes, loss of appetite, nausea, and more.
  • Your thriving plants are now dying or dead.
  • There are patches of dying or dead vegetation outside your home.
  • Your gas bill is much higher than normal, but your gas usage hasn’t changed.
  • You hear hissing or a similar sound from a gas pipe, or you notice a small, dust-like cloud coming from one of your pipes.
  • If you have a gas stove, check what color the flame is. It should always be blue. Yellow or orange flame means the ratio of oxygen to gas in your line is unbalanced.

Remember: If someone in your home is experiencing physical symptoms like the ones described, but you’ve ruled out a gas leak, you still need to have a reputable inspector visit your home. Physical illness like this that only affects you when you’re at home is a major sign you may have a significant issue like black mold in your home.

What do I do if I think or know I have a gas leak?

Your first response if you think or know you have a gas leak is to make sure your entire household is outside. Do not call emergency services until you are outside of your home. You don’t know how much natural gas may be inside, and even your cell phone can light a spark that sets it off.

  • Try to open windows and doors for maximum ventilation before you exit your home, but not if it significantly delays you.
  • Don’t operate any fixtures inside that run on electricity, including light switches and small electronic appliances.
  • Do not try to fix a gas leak on your own. In a worst case scenario, there’s enough gas in your home to cause carbon monoxide poisoning or even an explosion if it catches a spark.
How do I prevent gas leaks?

Regular maintenance and inspection is the best way to catch necessary repairs in your gas line before it has a chance to develop into a gas leak or other serious problem. You may also choose to install carbon monoxide detectors, be aware of where you’re storing chemicals in your home, and ensure there’s a fire extinguisher readily available in case a spark does catch fire.

How do I shut off my gas line?

You should have two valves, the house-side valve and street-side valve.

The house-side valve is somewhere between the first appliance hooked up to your gas line and the spot where the pipe enters the house. Typically, it’s where the pipe enters the house. Depending on the situation, it may not be safe to try to access this valve, especially if you aren’t 100% sure where it’s located.

The street-side valve is outside by your gas meter. This will almost always require a wrench to turn, so if you need your gas line shut off for an emergency and you don’t have one with you, you may have to wait until emergency services arrive. They’ll be able to shut off the valve for you. If you’re trying to operate it, and it’s not an emergency situation, you may want to check with your gas company for any specific requirements regarding the street-side valve. It’s installed the way it is because they usually don’t want anyone except their staff to operate it.

Remember, if you need to access a shut off valve because of a gas leak, your safety comes first. Natural gas is highly flammable, and even a spark from using a small electronic device like your cell phone can light it. Emergency services, like the utility provider, fire department, or professional plumber, can turn off your gas line when they arrive with much less risk.

Are gas appliances better than electric appliances?

There are pros and cons to both forms of power, and at the end of the day, which is better than the other comes down to personal preference. Gas can be cheaper on the utility bill overall, but gas appliances tend to cost more upfront. Electric stoves can take longer to heat up and cool off, but electric ovens are usually much higher quality than gas ovens.

What appliances can use natural gas?

Many appliances can use natural gas, including your furnace, water heater, stove, and even grills and dryers. It’s important to keep in mind that not every fixture model is equipped to handle gas, though. If you’re looking into replacing an appliance or installing natural gas to your home, make sure everything can connect.

What are the benefits of installing a gas line in my home?

Many people choose natural gas out of personal preference, its economical cost compared to regular electricity, and its lower environmental impact compared to fossil fuels. Kay Plumbing can help you decide if you want to install natural gas based on these factors and more, like the cost of installation in your home and what kind of access you have to the nearest gas main.

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