Commercial Plumbing System Installations in Columbia & the Surrounding Areas

Whether you’ve got a new construction or you’ve been operating for years, you need a plumbing company that can meet your needs, expectations, and schedule. Kay Plumbing comes at the time we’ve scheduled with you, and our pricing quotes will match what you see on the receipt.

Drain pipe repair and installation

Experts on Your Construction Project Who Know Your Legal Plumbing Needs

Different commercial properties must follow not only different state plumbing codes, but municipal-specific codes, too. These codes dictate the specific fixtures you must install in your business, whether it’s a bakery or an office, and how they should be installed. Legalese can be a headache as it is; when you’re dealing with legalese in multiple contracting industries, it’s best to leave it to your contractor to stay up-to-date on what is legally required to be done on your property, whether it’s under construction or you’re planning on updating parts of your building.

Kay Plumbing has been serving South Carolina since 2008. We know our state and local municipal codes. We can explain to our customers what we’re doing and why, and we can answer any questions you have about our work – without jargon.

High-Quality Installations for Every Part of Your Property

Sink plumbing and installation

Sink installation from bathroom to back of house

Do you need another hand washing station? Are you looking for sinks and faucets that will hold up to the heavy use you’re anticipating? Does your kitchen need a specialized sink installed? We take pride in being local experts at Kay Plumbing. We can assess your property and help you decide what type of sink will work best for its purpose and location, and then we’ll install it for you on your schedule.

Natural gas line repairs

Gas line installation

Natural gas is a popular choice for a reason: It’s economical, it gets hot quickly, and there’s plenty of it. So, you might be looking into it for your business. A professional installation service is crucial for the job to be done right and efficiently: Natural gas is extremely flammable; you may have to have plumbing installed to connect you to the nearest gas main; there are regulations that apply to some businesses regarding gas line installation that may not apply to others depending on various factors. Get it done right the first time with Kay so you’re not making costly changes to your new gas line later on.

Commercial drain and sink repairs

Upgrade or replace plumbing fixtures

If your building is old or you had to opt for fixtures you didn’t prefer due to external factors while your business was constructed, you might be thinking about replacing your plumbing fixtures. These can function more efficiently, saving you money on your water bill and preventing plumbing issues you may be dealing with.

Water heater installation

Water heater installation and replacement

No hot water is a crisis for any business. It’s critical for you to maintain the cleanliness of your company, and in many cases, it’s necessary to even operate. Make sure you have a reliable water heater that can hold up to the amount of usage you’ll need. Kay Plumbing can help you assess your top water heater choices based on the needs of you and your business, whether you’re still in construction or you’re looking to upgrade to a more efficient and reliable water heater. We’ll install it on the time table you need to stay on track.

Why Work with Kay Plumbing

You already don’t need the stress of a plumbing problem. You want professional plumbers who know what they’re doing, who can explain anything you don’t understand clearly, and who won’t rush to make costly replacements for what could’ve been simple fixes.


Locally owned and operated

Kay Plumbing has been serving the Midlands for almost 15 years. We know how much work goes into operating a successful business and how important it is to meet our customers’ needs. Most importantly, we know that every business requires a different expertise. We listen to our customers, and we give them professional advice based on what they’ve told us. We’re clear and up front about what our services will entail. We have hundreds of reviews from customers who have been in your shoes and shared their experiences with us – you don’t have to take our word for our claims.


Easy & tidy installations

You have a business to run. Having something as intrusive as a plumbing fixture installation means you’ll already either have to close your business for a short period or pay for after-hours services. You don’t need any reason for it to be more complicated than necessary. Our work is done right the first time, and we clean up the mess plumbing inevitably causes to leave your business neat and tidy.


Same-day plumbing services

Your company is busy, and your schedule is hectic. When you make an appointment for a service, it needs to be met on time. Kay Plumbing can provide same-day plumbing services, and we’ll arrive at the time we agreed upon. You won’t fall behind on the rest of your schedule when you call us out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I ask a commercial plumber before hiring them?

Whether you’re looking for small plumbing repairs or you need a sizable project completed, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the plumbing services you need at the quality you’re expecting. Before asking a plumber to come out or signing a contract with one, think about asking some of the following:

  • Do they charge a fee to visit your property and give an estimate for what you want?
  • Do they offer any warranties on their work? If so, what kind?
  • How will they charge you – by the hour, or at a flat rate?
    Particularly in the case of a large or complicated project, how will they ensure plumbing staff and your people and property are kept safe?
  • How much experience do they have in commercial plumbing services and/or with the specific project you need done?

These questions and more will allow you to set expectations and decide whether you’ll work well with the company.

Do I need a commercial plumbing contractor? What’s the difference from residential plumbing?

If you run a brick-and-mortar business, then yes. A commercial plumber knows what your business needs and how to manage the more complicated plumbing that comes with it much better than a residential plumber.

The key difference between a commercial and residential plumber is expertise. Even for a small business that doesn’t have the specialized needs of something like a restaurant, the plumbing is going to be more complex than a home’s plumbing because, more than likely, there’s going to be a lot more of it under heavier use. Additionally, different laws regulate residential and commercial plumbing systems, and you won’t be able to operate if you don’t meet commercial code.

Commercial Plumbing Installation

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