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We Offer Columbia and Lexington Water Filtration Systems

Here at Kay Plumbing we believe it is important for your business to have clean, great tasting water. That is why we offer EasyWater water filtration systems. We highly recommend the RevitaLife Reverse Osmosis system, but we offer many options to fit your water quality needs.  Do you suffer from hard water? Try our no salt solution that is actually good for your appliances and fixtures, the Easy Water No-Salt Conditioner. Does your business need water fountains or other water dispensers? We can help find the fight fixture for your office and install it, making sure it is connected to your new water filter system. Call now to schedule your free consultation.

Our partnership with EasyWater to provides you with the latest in filtration technology – without harsh chemicals or unwanted side effects. EasyWater products are the best in the industry to supply your entire business with clean, healthy water. Find the water treatment system that best fits your needs below or give us a call for a free consultation and estimate.

Reverse Osmosis / Deionization

TDS Reduction and Scale Control



Integrated scale control technology makes SmartGuard RO the only reverse osmosis system on the market that operates efficiently without the need for a softener or chemical pre-treatment. SmartGuard RO offers fully customizable options, including RO, RO + remineralization, RO + deionization and RO + TDS blending to fit your unique needs. Intelligent design allows for easy monitoring and maintenance, and the automatic bypass option means you never run out of filtered water.

500 – 6,000 gallons per day

SmartGuard Product Sheet

Smart Guard 1500

Bacteria Shield

Bacteria Shield


You may be surprised to learn that up to 34% of all private wells test positive for E-coli or total coliform bacteria. Public city water can also be contaminated either at the source or on the way to your business. Some microscopic pathogens can even survive commonly applied disinfectants that are used in private wells or by water treatment plants. The Easy Water Bacteria Shield uses a targeted range of ultra violet light (UV) to inactivate harmful pathogens before they can enter your office.

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Toxin Shield


Fountain drinks, coffee, drinking water and ice should taste great. EasyWater’s Toxin Shield line removes offending flavors and odors with economical and low maintenance carbon filtration, so your guests enjoy high-quality beverages, and you enjoy the benefit of economical and low maintenance filtration.

Perfect for:

  • Fountain drink machines
  • Ice machines
  • Coffee machines
  • Drinking water
Toxin Shield EasyWater
Acid Shield

Acid Shield


Copper or steel plumbing can be corroded by acidic water, resulting in damage to plumbing fixtures, piping and valves. This may eventually cause premature failure of water-using equipment such as boilers and dish machines. Acid Shield uses a low-maintenance process and a natural calcium compound to raise the pH of acidic water.

Perfect for:

  • Protecting plumbing against pinhole leaks
  • Eliminating blue-green staining
  • Raising pH to enable proper removal of iron and manganese, where needed

No-Salt Conditioner


Keep your water handling equipment in top shape and running smoothly with the EasyWater No-Salt Conditioner. Hard water causes scale build-up in water handling equipment, which leads to costly repair or replacement, increased energy costs, and reduced water flow. The EasyWater No-Salt Conditioner eliminates hard water build-up without maintenance, salt or chemicals.

Series C Closed Loop Treatment System

The Series C Closed Loop Treatment System provides a cost effective, low maintenance, non-chemical treatment for controlling corrosion and scaling. The Series C system removes dissolved oxygen, filters suspended solids to 3 microns and prevents as well as removes insulating deposits.     Series-C Closed Loop Treatment System

No Salt Conditioner
Iron Shield

Iron Shield Max


Iron Shield®

Iron deposits build up in plumbing and water-using equipment and can result in costly maintenance and premature equipment failure. Iron and manganese can also cause discolored water and unsightly rust-colored or black stains on plumbing fixtures, laundry, and concrete walkways, driveways and parking lots. Iron Shield keeps both your plumbing and your image in top shape by oxidizing iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide inside the tank, before they can do damage.

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